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Steve Zwierzynski


Following in his father’s footsteps, Steve Zwierzynski began repairing wet basements and crawl spaces in 1975. Mentor and teacher, Steve’s father has been repairing wet basements since the early 1960’s. “Second Generation Waterproofer” is our motto.

After having seen just about every possible scenario and the various ways to fix things, Steve was ready to go out on his own and established Gold Star Waterproofing in 1991. Steve’s son Nate recently graduated with a degree in physics and has joined the Gold Star team. With his background, Nate brings a whole new perspective as he joins the business as the third generation to handle basement waterproofing.

Steve is known for being able to diagnose difficult problems as well as efficiently solving straight forward leaks. He has inspected thousands of wet basements in the greater Grand Rapids and Holland areas.

Our extensive experience is what sets Gold Star Waterproofing, LLC, apart and makes us a valuable asset to home owners, management companies and real estate agents.

Basement waterproofing in Grand Rapids & Holland
Basement waterproofing in Grand Rapids & Holland


We keep your home & basement dry

Your home is one of your biggest investments. A wet basement can cause structural damage, ruin your belongings, and lead to bigger issues down the road. Gold Star Waterproofing, LLC, can help. We serve the greater Grand Rapids and Holland areas. If you have questions about water issues, call 616.531.8245 for a consultation and quote.

Diagnose Water Problems

A wet basement can cause all sorts of issues. Whether you’ve got a flooded basement or need foundation waterproofing, we’ll come in and determine the cause, diagnose the issue, provide a solution and prevent the issue from happening in the future.

Wet Basement Repair

We handle interior and exterior basement waterproofing, as well as basement leak repair and foundation waterproofing. We’re always looking for solutions to specific waterproofing problems.

Poured Concrete Foundation Cracks

The most common cause of a leaking basement is a crack in the wall. Concrete walls can crack due to exterior pressure from varying soil conditions. We typically use urethane foam, panel method, or the outside method to fix the problem.

Leaks in Block Walls

Pinhole water leaks in cinder block walls often appear after heavy rainfall. These leaks are caused by tiny microscopic holes, called pores, that form in cinder blocks. We handle basement waterproofing in full and partial basements.

Wet Crawl Space

Creating good drainage around your home to keep rainwater from flowing in under your house, and stopping water from seeping through basement walls is essential. We can install drainage and vapor barriers to prevent future water in the crawl space.

Underground Drainage

Underground drainage away from house can be out of sight and prevent the accumulation of water that comes with not having an efficient system in place. A complete system can stop water coming through the basement floor and prevent rainwater from pooling around the exterior of the property, including in yards and gardens.


We treat every home like our own


How we work

We understand that every project presents its own unique circumstances, but this will give you an idea of how things may unfold.

Diagnose the water problem

We’ll visit your home to review the situation in person so we can get an idea of what we’re dealing with.


With over 40 years of experience, we’ve seen just about everything. But sometimes additional research must be done to determine the best way to handle your situation. Whether it’s a wet basement, water coming through the basement floor, or issues with your foundation – we can help.

Provide an estimate

We don’t like surprising our clients so you’ll always know what the cost of your waterproofing project will be before any work begins.

Repair & Prevention

This is where the actual work begins – we’ll repair the water issue, prevent it from happening again, and offer any suggestions that may help in the future.

Wrap up

We want to make sure every client is completely satisfied – let us know how we did.

Any questions?

If there’s any other concerns you have, this would be a great time to address them.


We'll keep your basement dry





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