basement water proofer

Second Generation

Gold Star Waterproofing, LLC, was established in
West Michigan in June of 1991 by Steve Zwierzynski.
Steve has been repairing wet, leaky basements and
crawlspaces since 1975, and his father has been repairing wet basements since the early 1960's. "Second
Generation Waterproofer" is our motto because not
only do you get Steve’s experience of over 40 years in the business, but also his father’s experience of over 55 years.

Steve is known for being able to diagnose difficult problems as well as for solving straight forward leaks. He has inspected thousands of wet basements in the greater Grand Rapids and Holland areas. Solving so many different problems in the past helps him to reason through water problems now. And of course, he can always call his Dad for another expert opinion.

This extensive experience is what sets Gold Star Waterproofing, LLC, apart from other companies and makes us a valuable asset to home owners, management companies and real estate agents.

Don’t let a wet basement frustrate you and ruin your house. Call 616-531-8245 today for your estimate.